In Armenia, the case of the terrorist act in the Parliament, which took place in 1999 was resumed


The Armenian Prosecutor's Office has decided to reopen the investigation of the terrorist act in the Parliament, which took place in 1999, Arevik Khachatryan, press secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office, told “RIA Novosti” on December 25, 2019. This was reported by “Trend.az”, citing “RIA Novosti”.

On October 27, 1999, a group of terrorists stormed the plenary hall of the National Assembly of Armenia and shot down the leaders and members of Parliament and government, who were present there.

Pope Francis prayed for the murdered Catholic priest, Hovsep Petoyan

Sputnik Armenia

Pope Francis joined the thousands of Catholics, mourning the death of a Catholic priest in Syria.
“I am close to Armenian Catholics of Qamishli, in Syria, as they gather for the funeral of their parish priest, Father Hovsep Bedoyan, who was killed yesterday together with his father. I pray for them, their families, and for all Christians in Syria”, he wrote in Twitter.

“Islamic State” has claimed responsibility for the murder of an Armenian priest in Syria


The Islamic State terrorist grouping has claimed responsibility for the murder of a Catholic priest and his father on Monday, November 11, 2019 in Northern Syria.

Earlier, SANA news agency reported that the trustee of the Armenian Catholic Church, located in the border Syrian city of Qamishli and his father, had been shot dead in northeastern Syria, en route from Al-Hasakah governorate to Deir az Zour.

Turkey has started deporting foreigners – terrorists

Anadolu / Minval.az

On Monday, November 11, 2019, Turkey began the deportation of terrorist aliens.

According to the Anadolu Agency, citing the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, this way, after completing the relevant legal procedures, was expelled a terrorist who came from the United States.

The documentation for the deportation of a terrorist, coming from Germany is being prepared. Another terrorist is expected to be deported to Denmark during the day.