France continues to actively arm Armenia

France continues to actively arm Armenia

Ingilab Mammadov

Armored vehicle “BASTION”, used by the Blue helmets of the MINUSMA in the Goundam array, Mali, April 2015.


France continues to actively arm Armenia, Trend reports, referring to the Forces Operations Blog (FOB), a French defense media website.

According to the information, Armenia is expected to receive more than 20 French ACMAT Bastion armored vehicles this summer.

"More than 20 Bastion armored vehicles have been exported to Armenia as part of a defense cooperation agreement between Armenia and France. This shipment marks the first phase of the contract, with a second batch of similar size expected to be delivered this summer," FOB says.

The ACMAT Bastion was initially designed for deployment by French troops in the country's former African colonies. Last November, French media reported plans to provide these armored vehicles to Ukraine free of charge, but the Ukrainian government declined the offer due to concerns over the equipment's suitability.

Subsequently, Paris opted to sell the armored vehicles to Armenia as a means to dispose of them.