Propagandist Solovyov called for NATO countries to be bombed from African territory


Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has called for strikes against France, Poland and Great Britain from the territory of Africa because of the supply of tanks to Ukraine. He said this on the air of “Solovyov LIVE”, and a fragment of his statement was published on his Telegram channel. ( ).

Russian Hugh Hefner and the playmate of the month?*


Who’s the old man with floppy bunny ears headband and the ginger head? Russian Hugh Hefner and the playmate of the month?

This is Kirill Gundyaev, Patriarch of Moscow and Kievan Rus' … the latter is in the past because Kyiv doesn’t take orders from Kirilly anymore.
The ginger woman is Maria Butina, a KGB agent and a serious nymphomaniac who slept with half of National Rifle Associations convention.

Israeli authorities chose Azerbaijan


Baku will host an official meeting of Israeli ambassadors to Eurasia with the participation of high-ranking officials of the central apparatus of the foreign ministry on January 16-18. The main topic of the consultations is the plans for 2023 in the Израелските власти избраха Азербайджанcontext of a complicated situation in the region.

At the same time, the meeting is scheduled not long after the new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen took office on January 2.

Azerbaijan demands that the illegal exploitation of natural resources in its territories should be stopped


Illegal exploitation and looting of Azerbaijani natural resources continues in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, where Russian Federation peacekeepers are currently stationed.

The facts about the illegal exploitation of minerals, metals, timber, drinking water and other water resources are reflected in the reports and resolutions adopted by the OSCE, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Environment Program (UNEP) and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Maria Chashka, deputy battalion commander from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, mother of three children: The war will end when Ukraine restores its borders from 1991. Nobody wants to think about anything else


When Russia weakens to such an extent, that the empire disappears from the world map, then the real victory will come, stated in an interview to the editor-in-chief of “GORDON” - Alesya Batsman, the deputy commander of the 49th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) "Karpatska Sech" - Maria Chashka.

Moscow's newly minted friend, Iran, is preparing to flood Europe with its oil, in place of the departing Russian. Another blow in the back for the Russian Federation


Iran is preparing to flood Europe with its oil in place of the departing Russian energy carriers: Moscow's new friend has accumulated 100 million barrels of oil that can go to the West at any moment. Tehran is just waiting for the green light.

Shahryar Efendizadeh: Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia will soon sign an agreement on the construction of the Resht-Astara railway


A tripartite agreement between Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia will soon be signed for the construction of the Resht-Astara railway line within the North-South corridor.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Planning of Iran - Shahriar Efendizadeh at a press conference held on August 28, 2022 in Tehran.

Putin is an occupier - loser. Regularly receiving hits on his military face, he tries to save the situation by taunting the captured defenders of Mariupol


Even Hitler never thought of locking up the surviving captured defenders of the Brest Fortress in cells and trying them under the laws of Nazi Germany for resisting the occupation. And Putin, who still fails to catch up with Hitler in military art and politics, still decided to "craft" the German Fuhrer, surpassing him at least in meanness, tyranny and insanity. And he succeeded.