Ukraine’s Dams & Reservoirs

Martin Armstrong

Ukraine's dams have been the target of attacks on multiple occasions since the Russian invasion in February 2022. The destruction of the Kakhovka dam on 6 June though was on a level not previously seen in this war. The resulting deluge triggered a humanitarian disaster: claiming lives, displacing people, cutting off drinking water, and swamping agricultural land. Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of carrying out the potential war crime.

Ukraininans’ Desire to Join NATO and the EU

Katharina Buchholz

NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Oslo today. Ahead of the session, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Sweden and urged Turkey and Hungary to ratify the Nordic country's membership in the organization. The bigger elephant in the room during the meeting will be another nation's membership prospects: those of Ukraine.

The flags of Ukraine, Israel and Azerbaijan are burnеа in Yerevan

Nikolay Marchenko

On residential and administrative buildings in the Armenian capital, including on Republic Square in the center of Yerevan, leaflets depicting the burning of Ukrainian, Israeli and Azerbaijani flags have been pasted, the Ukrainian publication Censor.net has warned. The inscriptions above and below the illustration are in Armenian and Persian, and read: "We have common enemies."

Propagandist Solovyov called for NATO countries to be bombed from African territory


Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has called for strikes against France, Poland and Great Britain from the territory of Africa because of the supply of tanks to Ukraine. He said this on the air of “Solovyov LIVE”, and a fragment of his statement was published on his Telegram channel. (https://t.me/SolovievLive/150855 ).

Maria Chashka, deputy battalion commander from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, mother of three children: The war will end when Ukraine restores its borders from 1991. Nobody wants to think about anything else


When Russia weakens to such an extent, that the empire disappears from the world map, then the real victory will come, stated in an interview to the editor-in-chief of “GORDON” - Alesya Batsman, the deputy commander of the 49th separate rifle battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) "Karpatska Sech" - Maria Chashka.

Putin is an occupier - loser. Regularly receiving hits on his military face, he tries to save the situation by taunting the captured defenders of Mariupol


Even Hitler never thought of locking up the surviving captured defenders of the Brest Fortress in cells and trying them under the laws of Nazi Germany for resisting the occupation. And Putin, who still fails to catch up with Hitler in military art and politics, still decided to "craft" the German Fuhrer, surpassing him at least in meanness, tyranny and insanity. And he succeeded.

Kuleba named the two EU countries that are the only ones not supplying arms to Ukraine


From the member states of the European Union, only Austria and Hungary still do not supply Ukraine with weapons to fight against the Russian Federation.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, referring to a statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, made in the national telethon broadcast on most Ukrainian television channels.

The strike on Crimea was expected and lawful. Unexpectedly, it turned out that in response Russia for the first time sadly folded its tail


The first bombardment over the Crimea was spectacularly successful. She told all about [the Russian Federation's] pierced air defenses. The bombing turned out to be something like that too – extremely calm, almost friendly.

In Novofedorovka, it turned out to be a hellish casserole of fighters with garnishes from the air force and their warehouses. Ukraine is a very polite country. She could not help but congratulate Russia on the Day of its Air Force. This was expected and natural.

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