Turkey deports terror suspect in Denmark

Dansk radio DR / Minval.az

Turkey's Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu mentioned that Turkey has detained some 1,200 Islamic State members, with another 287 fighters, being detained during a military operation in northern Syria.

Photo: © AFP, Fadel Senna

Turkey has deported to Denmark a 28-year-old Palestinian man who is a Danish citizen - Ahmad Salem al Haya, who participated in the hostilities in Syria on the side of terrorist formations. He had already landed at Copenhagen Airport on Monday evening, where police detained him, Danish Radio reports.

“This was in spite of our will and let me tell you straight - you are not welcome in Denmark. In cases of dual citizenship, we already have a law that allows us to take away your Danish citizenship. In any case, the prosecutor's office has a duty to investigate whether you can be held accountable”, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wrote in Facebook on this occasion.

Ahmad Salem al Haya's detention will be heard by the court today, Tuesday, 12. 11. 2019.

Ahmad Salem al Haya spent two years in a Turkish prison and has recently been held in a deportation center. In Denmark, he was declared wanted on suspicion of engaging in terrorist activity.

He was particularly well-known for the video clip, where he, along with two other Danish fighters, shot posters with pictures of prominent Danish politicians, including the Member of Parliament - Nasser Hader and the former Prime Minister - Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Danish Ministry of Foreigners and Integration is currently considering the canceling of the Danish passport of the Islamic fighter.

Ahmad Salem al Haya left for Syria in 2013. He was seriously injured in 2017 and was then secretly transferred to Turkey with his wife and two children. In December 2017, he and his wife were detained in the border city of Kilis.

According to family members, Ahmad Salem al Haya has wanted to return to Denmark because of his health, long ago.

According to the Danish radio, the Danish side has shown no interest in returning the Islamist fighter all the time he spent in the deportation center.