Any outcome of the war with Ukraine will be a defeat for Russia. In any case, this war will turn it into a world Chikatilo

Any outcome of the war with Ukraine will be a defeat for Russia. In any case, this war will turn it into a world Chikatilo


Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (1936-1994) was a Soviet serial killer, rapist, pedophile and cannibal.

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Any way out of Ukraine's war with Russia will be a defeat for Russia. And in the event that Ukraine is nailed by Russia to the cross of the Russian imperial ambitions and in the event that Russia is nailed itself. In any case, this war will turn Russia into a world Chikatilo.

Russia is no longer modest - from the mouths of deputies and ministers, it is increasingly articulating its murderous and conspiratorial goals in this world. The playing cards have finally been shown - there have been calls from deputies to start an act of prevention with nuclear warheads strikes upon the United States and the Baltic states and urgently to restore the Russian Empire within its nineteenth-century borders.

I would not recommend reassuring ourselves that this is declared by disposable freaks who will not be taken to Putin's special bunker at the X Hour.

The schizophrenic persistence with which the government wants a world fire is not entirely understandable. No country in history has fought for war so stupidly and insistently and provoked it in such a way as Putin's Russia. At the same time, no one is threatening Russia, not encroaching not only on its hectares, its ruins, but also on these degenerative orders that have been introduced in the country. Everyone in the world has already waved at the Kremlin's lawless people - well, do what you want.

For the remaining 140 million [Russians], special bunkers are also not planned. All 140 million people will become oppositionists, liberals and enemies of the people. But really, they won't be for long - they'll be four seconds to two minutes - depending on how close they are to the epicenters of nuclear explosions. This insight will be strong, but somewhat belated and short-lived.

The most disciplined Russians - those who will have a bit of patriotism and trust in the Kremlin - will be obliged, while losing their limbs and hair, to find their own burial trenches and lie in them, according to the new state standards of civil defense. And there to wait patiently for registration in Putin's promised paradise.

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Editorial remark: Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (1936-1994) was a Soviet serial killer nicknamed The Butcher of Rostov, The Rostov Ripper and The Red Ripper who sexually assaulted, murdered and mutilated at leas fifty-two women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Russian SFSR, the Ukraininan SSR and the Uzbek SSR. Chikatilo confessed to fifty-six murders and was tried for fifty-three of them in April 1992. He was convicted and sentenced to death for fifty-two of these murders in October 1992, although the Supreme Court of Russia ruled in 1993 that insufficient evidence existed to prove his guilt in nine of those killings. Chkatilo was executed by gunshot in February 1994. Chikatilo was known as the “Rostov Ripper” and the “Butcher of Rostov” because he committed most of his murders in the Rostov Oblast of the Russian SFSR